Sunday, December 22, 2013


Monday 8:50 am:

In my office early so that I can get my morning coffee so prepare me well for the day ahead, at 9:15 I get my first call which happens to be from a first time buyer looking for advice on how to go about getting a mortgage and what sort of things they should consider when buying their first house. I tale the time to explain everything I can to the best of my ability keeping it simple and understandable for my client, then I take all the necessary details and arrange to post them out some quotes in order to help them make an educated decision on which one best suits their needs.


I received my post which contained decisions from a few lenders for some of my clients, I then contact them and tell them what their decisions are, in some cases the lenders require a few bits of extra paper work before finalising their decisions, and because some people don’t drive yet need the decision as soon as possible I don’t mind doing a few local runs to pick up paper work personally from my clients, which I think adds a real nice touch and builds confidence in them using me and my company to get the services they require, also I kind of like doing it as it means I get to get to know my clients and build up a bit more rapport with them and it get me out of an office for a while which helps me to work a lot more effectively when I return.


Time for a quick snack and another coffee to keep me going while I make a few appointments for clients to come in and discuss their applications and to process one for them. The job of a mortgage broker can either be a rewarding or disheartening one, and most days it is a little bit of both, this is mainly because when I take time to get to know my clients and their situations I meet some really great people, and am genuinely gutted when I have to turn someone down.

In my experience the main thing that can stop you from getting a mortgage is pay day loans which of course these companies don’t explain to you when you are taking the loan.


A lot of applications processed and a lot of happy and not so happy clients, although in general my spirits are high as I got more people approved than rejected, and for those I got approved I feel like I have helped to make a few dreams come true.

I make u a few more appointments and send off the paper work I have gathered throughout the day and get it sent off to all relevant lenders.


The day is soon to be over, the phone rings and it is a previous buyer who wants to look into getting a mortgage on a property to let, because I have dealt with them before I generally take a little bit longer to discuss their application as I fill the conversation with general chit chat again because I genuinely like to know how they are getting on. He's been looking at buying a couple of investment properties in the liverpool area and as a fast buyer he's in a good position. After this I then process an application which goes straight through and manage to approve a mortgage there and then, which is always a great end to a day.


I arrive home put my feet up and relax in front of the fire looking back on the day with  a smile and say to myself that was a really good day and hope tomorrow is just as good if not better.